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Why bass fishing!?

A question I get quite a lot and as much from anglers of various levels to people I meet here and there. As simple as the answer can seem, I will share with you all the aspects that make this mean little fish so exciting for me.

Many will say that bass are an easy specie to target, go along the banks or structures, toss a lure and you’re bound to eventually get one. Saying otherwise would be a lie and make the practice of bass fishing harder than it is. Sure enough, given the right windows of opportunities, bass will attack and bite on anything and everything but will come a time where even the best of baits won’t cut it and this is where I get a good part of my passion.

For me the pursuit of the next catch, understanding a new body of water or figuring out the bass behavior at a precise moment are all part of what makes me love them. Another part that makes them so interesting for me is their ever-changing mood and behavior. They can go from incredibly active and almost destructive on attacks to full on locked jaw, belly to the bottom kind of deal.

As much as simple and well-known techniques can be used to target them in pretty much all conditions, I like to explore new avenues, new variations of techniques and baits already in existence. I also love to learn new techniques or push the ones I know even further pushing myself furthermore.

Learning for me comes in many ways, shapes and forms. From other anglers, following pros during tournaments, watching tons of videos, reading articles, sources are plenty and easy to access now more than ever.

The bass fishing universe is becoming so vast and the pressure is increasing more and more and being able to pull apart from the competition is now more important than ever. That is also something that makes me love it so much. In the past season I’ve pushed myself further and further compared to some other seasons for understanding some techniques and the results transpired greatly.

For those seeking a new challenge for the next season, pushing the bass fishing envelope to greater levels may very well be an exciting option for you!

Think about it for your future as an angler!


Bearded Bass Projekt

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