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The Full Story

The Early Days

It honestly just started out as a desire to share my days on the water by doing videos over music and let the images speak for themselves showcasing catches, different places and sharing my general love for the sport.


The Turning Point

After some time, I got more and more people reaching out to me for advice on gear, techniques and help with maintenance of their gear. So what was just a simple YouTube channel became a Facebook page and an Instagram account to share stories, videos and help out as many anglers as I could.


Where it's headed

Like a ship heading out with full sails in the wind, my goal and plan is to keep going and share as much knowledge as I can with as many people as I can. One thing I have yet to do is to create articles, blogs and dedicated pieces of information on specific subjects and this website is where it'll be. So get your gear ready and buckle up. We're going fishing!

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