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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Fishing, fishing, fishing… For as long as I can think of, fishing always been a part of my life. I can go back to childhood photos and find pictures of me at age 3 or 4 with salmons from Lake Ontario. My grandfather would take my father out fishing from early age and shared his passion for fishing to him that followed the same path for me. The style of fishing was quite different but the goal always was the same: have fun.

Contrary to my father’s fishing stories where he’d spend the whole day out fishing regardless, he didn’t do that kind of thing if I was getting bored. That being said, no one ever twisted my arm to go out fishing. I would spend my whole summers out in the family tin boat during my youth regardless of the conditions from dawn to dusk. I would mainly target pike and I’d have to do it slightly differently than my peers. They were used to be trolling around for fish but I had nothing but a set of oars and had to make due with that. So, I would set out on a path, get in position and let myself drift around until I had to reposition the boat for another pass. You could say that this was my introduction to a style that is more comparable to sport fishing.

Later on, now being a young adult, I discovered bass fishing. The fight, the techniques to target them got my hook right up, no pun intended. I fished in many provinces in Canada and I can say that the Outaouais region keeps surprising me all the time. Whether from shore or in a boat, I always seem to be able to get my game together.

When I met with Pascal, my horizon broadened even more. That passion for fishing is meant to share with all those interested and that seek more knowledge on the matter. The future of this sport relies on new anglers and is invaluable to the conservation effort of the resource. In the end, I fish because it is part of who I am. I’m an angler.

Alain “Backbone Fishing”

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