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The knot: Not just a connection for your lures

I pondered for a long time before I decided to write down this article but honestly, I felt that I’m certainly not the only one with a similar mindset on what you’re about to read. Some will say that fishing is that getaway from the stress of daily life, civilization, their partners or whatever the reason may be. For some, it’s how they provide food for the table, some it’s a simple hobby to spend that extra time they may have in their lives. Others, like me, find that connection, that knot that ties them back to their true selves.

I would be lying if I were to tell you that fishing had always been THE method for me to reconnect with my “inner me”. I played paintball under the military simulation branch for many years with my team and forged bonds that are still strong even if I left the sport a few years ago. Fishing had always been a part of that connection to the part of me that acts like a hermit most of the time. Those that share my day-to-day life see that Pascal that is sociable, likes a good laugh and enjoys those little fun times while working but most never really see the guy that is beyond that pseudo mask that only shows himself when fishing becomes the subject or when I’m actually out fishing. During that moment, period, everything becomes clear, visible and simple… I’m MYSELF. Time, troubles, the exterior world and all that accompanies that stays out of that kingdom while I enjoy that moment.

I like to assume that I’m not the only one doing this and that society often pushes us into that motion but consciously unconsciously to change the way we are just so we can follow the flow easier. Those that are both feet in that fishing world don’t often have to do it since they most of the time have an entourage or people that belongs to the same world in one shape or form. I look at that merry-go-round go sometimes and in hindsight I ask myself if it is all worth it but I quickly get to the realization of why I do it and it’s quite simple. For me like for many, fishing is that know, that connection that keeps us grounded and allows us to do what we do just a little easier and with some peace of mind at the same time.

It is quite simple to get the motions and the notions going without taking the time to observe, savor the moment while it’s passing right in front of your eyes. I try hard to take that time at each and every trip I do, whether I’m solo or with someone and I do it a lot without them noticing. Last season, on many occasions I took that time, more than usual. As much as it was purely by need, it was often with the soul purpose to share and let that moment sink in. One way that I found for me to make that connection come at a time that may seem odd but it’s when I’m about to leave at the end of the day. I take the time to say thank you to that body of water I visited for all it offered to me and what it allowed me to experience. I remember times where I made people laugh with what seems like a small trivial thing to do but for me, it is important and feels somewhat of how someone ends a prayer with “Amen”. For me that connection goes straight to the soul and it is important for me to live that connection all the way and thank life for allowing me to live that connection.

Whether it’s waking up to the chant or the coyotes. Drive hours down the road to go fishing or simply drop the boat at my local marina after a day at work for a few hours, the experience is the same: I’m alive, I reconnect with myself and I allow myself to make that knot to attach me to what I feel is the purest form of therapy there is. I used to often think I was selfish to leave people behind to just go out and get that connection but with time I know that without it I would do a disservice to myself and I would allow the negative to take over and it would be hypocritic to believe otherwise.

With time and in hindsight we realize a lot of things and moreover what helps us feel good, in all aspects possible. Fishing for me is that knot, that solid connection that seems so simple and yet helps us bond with ourselves but with nature, people that we hold dear to us and makes us realize how much these people are important to us. Each cast, each fish, each moment spent in that kingdom helps us way more than we think and keeps the fog out of our minds.

To finish that off, regardless if you’re just a beginner in fishing, a seasoned angler or simply someone looking for what could be a solution to reconnect with yourself, fishing may very well be that solution that is also often neglected and deserves that attention to details. If I can give you one piece of advice, give yourself time to take time so let those moment sink in while you’re out fishing. Live them to the fullest extent and let it all sink in.

On that, be well and tight lines! Pascal

Bearded Bass Projekt

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