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The story

My passion started at a very young age as my father introduced me to fishing at only 3 years old. During a day out, I captured a nice size northern pike coming in at 8 pounds and from then, I was hooked for life. Being a multi-species angler early one, I now focus around 90% of my time and passion on bass fishing. I spent many years as a fishing guide for different outfitters and was able to hone in my skills and share that knowledge with my clients. I then transitioned into the retail world, working in a hunting and tackle store where I could keep sharing my knowledge. 


The mission

The fishing world is a pretty big one where one can easily get lost. My first goal was and still is to help new anglers of all ages in that universe with their choice of tackle, equipment, how to find and target a specie or another with the correct techniques to maximise their precious time out. In doing so, I also aim to represent to the best of my abilities the brands and agency that trust me to do just so and help me doing it.  

The vision

The passion I have for fishing goes deep in my core and I love to try new things and find the latest and greatest from all brands. Regardless of the name on the pack, all brands make good products and I aim to try as many as possible. By doing so, I learn about them and in turns, it helps me in deepening my knowledge, get a clearer picture and make better educated recommendations on what is the best fit for any given situation. If the product you’re looking at is not what you need, I will advise you on it, because honesty it primordial to me. 

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The system

With the support of these brands, I have access to a broad range of products to use and test on my days out on the water. Confidence in your equipment is key and it helps you focus on the conditions and fish with the peace of mind that your gear will follow through. 

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