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Growing up in the Ottawa valley, you never had to look too far to find water. I guess that with the fact that I followed my father on the water so many times was just part of what fueled the passion. I've been fishing pretty much my whole life and took interest in bass fishing early on. The Bassmaster and Fishing League Worldwide being a big part in the growing passion. I did tournaments for some years but realised that my passion rested more in helping out others reach their goals and exploring bodies of water to figure out what the "game" is.


The mission

Whether in on or off the water, I always breathe my passion for fishing. I chose to work in the industry to get an even deeper understanding of what makes that giant machine turn and find out the latest and greatest to help me out there. I also aim to represent the brands and the shop I work for the best I can, through interacting with people or testing out products on the water.

The vision

I tend to describe myself as a "no nonsense" kind of person. If it's good I'll say it's good. If it isn't, out of pure respect I won't openly say it's bad, unless it really is almost dangerous. But most cases you just won't hear about it at all. I apply this to my fishing and I do believe it is one of the main reason why some brands decided to partner with me and help me out as I do my best to help them in return. Being honest and truthful is always the best route to go down.

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The system

This is what I like to call "The system". These are the brands that supports me and help make it all happen. It is thrilling to be able to have the support of such brands that are trusted by so many anglers everywhere to get them out and get fish in the boat day in, day out.

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